Nick Fleming coaching student athlete

All American Kicking Instructional Sessions

Instructional and Conditioning

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9am-11am Technique/Operation Instruction - Field Goals, Punting, Kickoffs

  • Low camper-to-coach ratio: 4-to-1
  • Light Situational Work
  • Operational Timing
  • Game Situational Work
  • Inner-squad competition
  • Main Coaches will be Fleming/Moffitt/Prasky

11am-12pm Kicking Specific Conditioning with Olympian, Dwight Thomas

  • Work on kicking specific fast twitch muscles
  • Explosion and power techniques to improve distance
  • Overall strength exercises to balance muscle tone
  • Main Coaches will be Dwight Thomas and/or Fleming


Windermere Preparatory School
6189 State Road 535, Winter Garden, FL, US

Elite Kicking Bundle

  • Designed to help dedicated specialist improve at an exceptional rate
  • Only 4 specialist are allowed in the program per time slot
  • Time slot is set at 9am-12pm each Sunday (excluding holidays) for one month (4 weekends)

Each Monthly Program includes:

  • One Private Session to work on individual weaknesses
  • One charting session to measure improvement or create recruiting material (filming is responsibility of athlete)
  • Three guaranteed spots in the Sunday Instructional Sessions
  • Three Kicking Specific Conditioning session with Coach Dwight Thomas
  • Four Weekly kicking and conditioning routine to be done away from AAK session

Coach Fleming is a firm believer in that there is no substitution for individual attention. One-on-One instruction with Coach Fleming lasts one hour and thirty minutes and covers everything involved in kicking and punting. Each session is structured to focus on the student's weakest points to ensure greater progress. To schedule an individual session, please contact Coach Fleming directly at 321-278-9101. Sessions are scheduled based on Coach Fleming's and the student's availability and each day of the week is an option.

For Private Sessions, Call Coach Fleming