Nick Fleming coaching student athlete

All American Kicking

in Orlando, Florida

All American Kicking has been instructing student athletes in how to kick, punt, and snap a football since 2007! Centered around small class sizes and personal attention to each student, All American Kicking has been able to produce some of the best specialists in the country. This is evident in the high rate of students who not only go to college to play football (72), but also start as freshman or redshirt freshman (70).

Simply put, we are a structured program that produces great talent. Come train with the best!

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Evaluating Punting Technique

Learn how to use punting to flip the field and be a reliable weapon for your defense. At All American Kicking, we work on not only the techique to produce towering punts, but also the operational and situational punting, so you can "call up" those skills when it counts (ie. operational timing, directional & pooch punting)

Field Goals

Evaluating Field Goal Technique

Become an offensive sharp shooter. AAK focuses on accuracy over power. Power is great, but doesn't matter unless the kick goes through the uprights. Learn not only how to kick far and accurately, but also how to handle any game situation from any spot on the field (ie. hash kicks, height at line of scrimmage, handling wind).


Kickoff Skills Assessment

Those kickers who can hit the football really high and really far are considered successful kickers. All American Kicking coaches students how to hit balls "like a cannon shot." Our coaches also go in-depth with directional kickoffs, ky Kicks, and the on-sides kick.


Football Snapping Skills

Snapping is all about repetition and presuit. Snappers need to be athletes that can run down field and make a tackle. At AAK, snappers get an incredible amount of reps to make sure the technique is sound as well as focus on persuit. Our guys learn to snap a perfect snap, and blow through any punt return scheme.

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